What past clients have to say about working with Kailea

Working with Kailea is insurance - you become accountable to more than yourself. Even if you are organized and hardworking, working with Kailea is a good idea. She is not there to organize things for you, or even teach you from scratch how to achieve - you work as a team. I moved away from home for university, and I was nervous to be on my own and to face challenges I had never had before. Through simple organizational exercises and advice about professors and office hours, I found myself more in control of my studying. Kailea’s organizational methods are great, that was as I expected. However, I didn’t expect to rely on Kailea for other supports regarding the transition to university. Kailea has a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to draw from that validates your new situation in a way that really benefited me during first semester. What makes working with Kailea a unique experience is the one-on-one attention and care she brings to her students. Kailea helps you recognize when to push yourself further and when to cut yourself some slack/try another strategy. Whether it's getting organized, study tips, or life advice, Kailea knows how to motivate and support you through it all. - Tara C., UBC Student and Loran Scholar
I first heard Kailea give a presentation in the winter of my grade twelve year, where she spoke about effective systems she had put in place throughout her university years. I was initially drawn to what she was saying because I was baffled by how she seemed to be a living example of what work/life balance could be, and at the time I was feeling super burned out largely because my time management skills were nonexistent. I wasn't sure if I should spend the money, or if the program would be effective for me. I made the decision to work with her though, because after I heard her speak I started to put in place just one system she presented, and it made a huge impact on my life. I thought that if I had heard her speak in a short presentation and she had already made such a difference for me through just one system, coaching with her for an entire semester could revolutionize things. I am so amazed by the coaching, because I never could have predicted how effective it would be for me - it has completely changed how I approach school, and even more generally, life. It's a sustainable change too, because Kailea helped me develop the skills so I will be able to continue to apply them as I go through university. Working with Kailea was well worth every penny, and I am so glad I decided to work with her because I think my life would be very different if I had decided not to. With Kailea's help, I was able to have a really positive experience transitioning from a small high school environment to my first year at university. With Kailea's coaching, I was able to feel more in control of my schoolwork and really enjoy the learning. She helped me to learn how to plan in a way that fits who I am instead of fighting it and trying to apply strategies that simply weren't me. Moreover, she taught me how to test strategies and figure out which ones I found more effective, and through this, how to become a more active learner who is conscious of their approaches to school and extracurriculars. I have found the greatest value of her coaching to be the greater understanding of how living a balanced life can actually help you become a better student, while making you feel happier and more fulfilled. As a chronic procrastinator in high school, I never would have thought that I could put in place systems like Kailea's, but now I can't imagine life without them. - Roisin C., UBC Student and Loran Scholar
I truly cannot express how much Kailea has helped me. In my first year of university, I was trying very hard, but I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.  When we started working together, I was on academic probation. In one semester, Kailea helped me increase my GPA by 1.5 points. Since then, my GPA has improved every semester and I’m graduating with a B+. I can’t thank her enough. She helped me dramatically decrease my stress and add a little structure to my day so I could find a way to stay organized between my sport commitments and my school stuff. By being more organized and on top of my work, I was less stressed, more prepared, more aware of what I had to do, and got better grades. Kailea approached our work together in a very open-minded way, and personalized her work to my needs. There were two things I noticed about her methods: one, she spent significant time seeking to understand my workload, and two, she sought to understand me and how I work. Kailea created a system that catered to my needs and I noticed improvement immediately. Kailea would continually ask how everything was working and meticulously pick apart the system to make sure it was as effective as possible for me. Her attention to detail and desire to see someone grow are what I admire most about working with her. The coaching process allowed me to learn so much about myself – not only in academia, but in the professional world as well; I have had many opportunities to apply what I’ve learned. I believe anyone who is looking to refine their organizational skills and see an improvement in their GPA should work with Kailea. My ability to manage what I can and achieve what I have as a student is because of the work Kailea and I did together in my first year. - Patrick S., Mount Allison University
Kailea has made a huge difference in my life - I am much more organized and motivated to do well in school. I have learned a lot about how to organize my priorities and that I am fully capable of succeeding in a college environment, despite having ADHD and other motivation issues. Just having someone there consistently, helping me plan out what I needed to do, helped keep me from shutting down. Kailea has completely changed the way I approach school. In the past, I would wait until the last minute to complete assignments and I lacked motivation and organization. Over the past year, I’ve completely changed my organization skills and have a study plan so that I can effectively and efficiently manage my time so I don’t fall behind. I am proactive and meet with my teachers when I have questions or need extra help. Kailea taught me how to stay on top of my school work, even when I felt overwhelmed; I will forever be appreciative of that! It has been a pleasure working with Kailea and I feel comfortable and safe talking to her about any concerns I have. She is very understanding, open, and fun-loving which makes our weekly sessions something to look forward to. I am proud to say that I got straight A’s for the first time in my life! I couldn't have done it without Kailea’s help! - Maddie K., Santa Monica College
I've worked with Kailea on a weekly basis for about a year and it's been fantastic; I couldn't be happier. I didn't really know what to expect coming into it, but looking back, I wouldn't have gotten as much accomplished in the last year without her. As a creative person I find I have a million ideas and sometimes I get in a rut and start spinning because I have so many ideas it almost gets paralyzing. What I realize now is I needed a better way to get the ideas organized and out of my head and into a plan - Kailea has really helped create that for me. She's super patient and kind-hearted and knows how to listen, but also pushes me when that’s needed. I call her my life coach and it’s really made me more efficient, balanced and happier in general. If you need help organizing your business/goals, or maybe life in general, you should give Kailea a try; it’s one of the best things I've done for my business and my life. - Eli C., Self-Employed Videographer and Editor (Toronto, ON)
As an artist, I am the ultimate unorganized person and Kailea helped me get to a place where my day to day felt structured yet flexible and my goals and projects felt within reach. She changed the way I thought about ‘routine.’ Gone were the notions of tightly scheduled gym visits, work periods and to-do lists that had never worked for me. Instead, she helped me build something around the habits that already worked for me (like journalling, practicing yoga at home and reading my favourite books). By identifying my natural habits we were able to tag on the more difficult habits (flossing!) and notice where bad habits were forming (checking my email all the time!). As a creative worker, my list of projects to begin is endless and sometimes feels more like wishful thinking than planning. She helped me break things down into tiny tasks (phone a studio! reach out to a friend! get a domain name!) and place them in very simple time-management buckets (this week, next week, beyond!). One thing that really surprised me was the continued attention to detail and a real interest in the particulars of my organization and time-management struggles. Rather than dumping a pile of info on me, she walked with me through every step of the process as I began to develop the skills for myself. Prioritizing, creating lists, schedule, planning, and thinking about the bigger picture have all become a daily mindset for me. What a shock! Organization always felt like a personality trait that I simply did not possess and thus was doomed to a life of overwhelming afternoons and projects always a little too complicated to actually pursue. Now I've realized it's a set of learned skills and habits that you can take on. And there's no one better, in my opinion, to learn them from than Kailea. - Dave M., Professional Musician and Songwriter (New York, NY)
When I first reached out to Kailea, I was feeling overwhelmed with managing my current priorities while also wanting to take action on my dream projects. I had a number of different systems on the go, but none of them really seemed to work consistently. I was stuck feeling like I was always ‘catching up’ (or not doing anything productive at all), vs. owning my schedule and working towards the things I'm passionate about. I wanted to feel less scattered and to develop systems to balance my need for structure with my desire for freedom and creative flow; I believe we achieved those things! We set out clear intentions for my days/weeks, and we dove into some deeply rooted limiting beliefs; bringing those out into the open helped me see where I was holding myself back and what was blocking my true progress. I'd describe Kailea as a part organizational coach, part best friend, part therapist (lol). Working with Kailea is like catching up with a best friend every week, with an added dose of tough medicine from your boss; she's just the best! Any artist or creative entrepreneur who feels like they need an extra hand in organizing their schedule, who feels off track in their creative endeavors, or simply needs someone to keep them accountable and encouraged from week to week should work with Kailea. I didn't really understand the brain psychology around work and productivity, and she really opened my eyes. I'm just so grateful to Kailea for all the value she's added to both my work and personal life. She helped me gain perspective and really believe in myself and the gifts I have to share with the world. BIG, BIG LOVE & GRATITUDE. - Ellen E., Freelance Journalist (Charlottetown, PEI)
I was very reluctant to say to myself ‘you are an unorganized person - you need this and it will benefit you and your team,’ but within 10 minutes of speaking with Kailea, I was bought in and excited about what was to come. I feel so much calmer on the whole. I’ve learned how to plan in advance so everything I need to do proactively gets done, while also leaving space for the reactive tasks that pop up unexpectedly (instead of sacrificing one for the other). Kailea has helped me break everything into digestible pieces so I don't get overwhelmed. I'm actually shutting my brain down at night instead of running through lists because I’ve externalized everything earlier in the day; I never thought organization could get me this jazzed. - Talitha T., Associate Director (Toronto, ON)
I consistently have two struggling agendas in my life; I have a young family, who I love spending time with, and a rapidly growing business that is my passion and I have big plans for. Time is the one thing I never seem to have enough of and working with Kailea has given me more control and a better balance. I highly recommend it. - Joe W., Financial Advisor (Charlottetown, PEI)
When I met with Kailea for an initial conversation, I quickly was impressed by her attention to detail, her warmth, and her keen interest in my own experience and background. Working with Kailea has been very positive. We worked side by side to discover how her coaching could best assist me. She developed our plan and always arrived ready to build on our last session. Years of experience in the high-energy food world have taught me to recognize good work; Kailea is now a part of my long list of mentors & collaborators! I will happily hire her services again for further growth! - Robert P., Chef (Charlottetown, PEI)
Kailea's simple, efficient and thorough tips and steps to a more sane and organized life have stayed with me long after I took in her presentation. Her style is warm and instructive. She uses her professional and personal experiences to inform her accessible approach to time management and organization. Not only was I impressed, I was invigorated to finally start applying these systems to my life. - Anja Z. (Toronto, ON)
I just wanted to thank you for sharing your expertise. We have heard such great things from those in attendance - many people described it ‘like seeing a TED talk!,’ and the conversation around your tips continued organically throughout the weekend. Everyone got a lot out of it! - Cameron R. (Toronto, ON)
Kailea presents ideas that make a world of difference for time management skills. The ideas are relatively easy in theory, but she takes it further when she shows the group how to make them easy in practice too. - Tara C. (Vancouver, B.C.)
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