A Little About Me

I realized early on that not every 9-year-old thinks organizing the books on their bookshelf is a fun game… but I did.
Helping people feel happier through the magic of organization is my dream job.
If your brain feels like a messy filing cabinet, I would love to help you out.


I currently live in Charlottetown, PEI with my husband and two daughters, but previously, I spent 10+ years living in Toronto, Boston and Los Angeles. I love reading, traveling, and having my mind blown open. I love a good rainy day, the first swim of the season, belly laughs, bananas, dancing, yoga, playing music, writing, and really soft duvets.  

  • Education

    • M.Ed. in Counseling and Prevention Science (Harvard University)
    • B.Ed. in Teaching (St. Thomas University)
    • B.A. in Educational Psychology and Music (Mount Allison University as a Loran Scholar)


I completed my M.Ed. at Harvard University where my focus was designing strengths-based interventions to support students. Before coaching, I worked as a teacher, a guidance counselor, and as a youth leadership facilitator, bringing high school students to countries like Kenya, India, China and Ecuador.

Gain control. Find ease. Breathe a sigh of relief.